Nagoya Bus Service

Nagoya is known for rapid bus transport system that essentially means that there is a network of high capacity buses that operate on bus lanes and bus ways. They are an effective mode of public transport and mass transit and, are an answer to the menace of growing pollution levels.

Long distance buses ply from Nagoya to other important cities of Japan but are usually not preferred since the super fast trains provide a greater value for money. However it is an important mode of transport with in the city of Nagoya and one can avail the services of the bus network as soon as one touches down the airport at Nagoya. One can reach the down town area of Sakae from the airport in under an hour and you have to shell out 1,100 yen for the ride.

Similarly the bus service in Nagoya compliments the subway that is there in the city and both of them together provide a good option to the commuters and tourists to enjoy the city.

It is worth mentioning that Nagoya in Japan has been a pioneer in the field of mass transit and they have used it effectively to increase the pace of traffic.