Foreign Food

A list of foreign food shops around the Central Nagoya area

Book shops

Bookstore that sell foreign books in Nag. Check it out!!

Shopping Centers

A list of the major Shopping centers in and around nagoya.. very useful!!

Shopping in Sakae

Shopping in Sakae now a day has become an attractive place for the foreigners as it offers various kinds of shopping, entertainment and dining facilities. There are ample numbers of shopping malls in Sakae in ...

Osu Market Nagoya

If you are planning to go to Nagoya, Japan then make yourself available on the 18th or 28th day of every month, through out the year. You must visit this Osu Market. This market is located at Sakae. In the ...

Italia Mura Nagoya

Italia Mura in Japanese means Italian village. It may sound very strange that how an Italian village should can exist in Nagoya, Japan. This has been build up with an Italian theme. It takes 20 minutes time ...
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