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Nagoya Festival Nagoya

The Nagoya festival is perhaps the biggest festival that the city of Nagoya has to offer in terms of the fun and frolic that is attached to the whole event. The festival adds a new dimension to the entire city ...

Nagoya Castle Summer Festival Nagoya

The Nagoya castle festival takes place in early August and the whole castle area bears a semblance of a carnival. People line up the streets and sell all kinds traditional toys, souvenirs and other edible ...

Atsuta Festival Nagoya

The Astuta festival is the biggest festival of the Astuta Jingu Shrine which is known for its festivities since more than seventy festivals associated with this shrine are held every year. Inside the main ...

Foreign Consulates in Nagoya

Following is the complete list of foreign consulates in Nagoya

Nagoya Hospitals

There are a lot of Hospitals in the city of Nagoya but it should also be kept in the information and knowledge of the visitor where they are located. Though Japan is the safest country in the world one cannot ...

Nagoya Health and Safety

One can only experience the total bliss of travel if he is totally healthy and is cautious about the safety in whichever place he intends to visit. Nagoya health and safety deals with the measures that aim at ...

ATMs in Nagoya

Most automated teller machines (ATMs) in Japan do not accept credit, debit or ATM cards issued outside of Japan. The big exception are the ATMs found at the over 21,000 post offices and at 13,000 Seven Bank ...

Public telephones

Public telephones accept coins and/or pre-paid telephone cards.
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