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Nagoya overview highlights that the city falls under Aichi prefecture in Japan. Though not endowed with captivating natural sceneries, Nagoya is a tourist destination of its own right. It is home to sites that are of immense significance both in terms of religion and history.

Nagoya Overview also highlights historical sites like Nagoya Castle and Atsuta Shrine and other popular sightseeing. Nagoya has over the years established itself as an important cultural mainstay in Japan. Situated in Nagoya are a number of museums, each one standing grand and solemnly purposed by the object of preserving the relics from the past. Some of the famous Museums in Nagoya are- Nagoya City Science Museum, Nagoya, Little World Museum of Man, Nagoya, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Nagoya.

Nagoya Tourism

Nagoya Tourism would take one to the metropolis that is full of life and the capital of Acihi-ken that has transformed itself into a major transport hub and is located on the central Honshu's industrial ...

Nagoya Handicrafts

The industry of Japanese handicrafts in the city dates back hundreds of years and is still kept alive today.

Nagoya Education

Nagoya has a large number primary and secondary schools, which are mostly state-run. A large number of state and private colleges and universities exist throughout the city as well, with many located on the ...

Nagoya Economy

Nagoya is the center of Greater Nagoya which earned nearly 70 percent of Japan's trade surplus as of 2003.

History of Nagoya

The history of Nagoya reveals that the name Nagoya was born out of a corruption of the word Nagono, which was the name for a famed manor in the twelfth century. The Manor being a remarkably prosperous one ...

Geography of Nagoya

The latitudinal location of Nagoya reads 35¡ 1'50" - 35¡15'26"N and its longitude extent is between 136¡47'41" and 137¡ 3'50"E. Nagoya occupies a total area of ...
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